All About Shanno

Hey out there, just thought I’d finally get some info on here about myself, just in case anyone was interested.  As you may have guessed from a few of my posts, I work in an office, just like so many others out there in the working world.  I managed the files in the computer system so the much higher paid lawyers can see all their documents wherever they go and win their cases.  I actually went to school for nursing but then decided I would make a terrible nurse because I would have to interact with the public, work twelve hour shifts and be in hospitals (really, I didn’t think things through when I actually applied for school).

So I left that all behind and made the transition to full time at the office I was already working at and now my life is something very similar to the movie “Office Space”.  There’s a wide variety of quirky characters, all kinds of drama and the photocopier is always breaking down.

I live with the Boyfriend (Mike) and our kitty Mr. Pip Squeak (Peep for short) in London, Ontario, Canada and it’s a lovely little life indeed.  I hate Twilight (I actually thought the books were alright until the movies came out and they tried to shove every stupid piece of crappy merch down my throat), I don’t understand why people need to be texting ALL the time and I hate new school cartoons (animation without computers will always be the best and most rewarding ones to watch).

I grew up in a small town (~1000 people), there were 500 kids in my high school (bused in from three different towns) and you really did know everyone.  It was weird to move to the city 9 years ago and I’m still getting used to it.  I love the convenience (there isn’t even a Tim Horton’s back home) but the drivers are horrid and it smells like exhaust and dirt.  I could never see myself going back to the small town, but I don’t think I’ll ever fully love the city either.

I love all kinds of music (except rap and Justin Bieber), I can’t stand Paris Hilton, my guilty pleasure TV show is Glee and my fave game series of all time is still Zelda.  I’m a nerd at heart and always will be.


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