The Revealing Spring

It’s starting to maybe look like spring could finally make an appearance up here in southwestern Ontario. We have had a few days of above zero weather and that always leads to one of my favorite things about spring: random items slowly revealed in snowbanks. The other night was my first object seem this year. Someone was unfortunate enough to lose their nice running shoe this winter.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset


I took this when wandering around on the edge of a farmer’s field last November.  It’s a harvested corn field and I remember thinking that it seemed almost fitting with the cold air because the setting sun didn’t look like it was providing any warmth at all.


This one happened after a HUGE storm in our city this summer.  A few days later, a co-worker of mine was telling us how her brother called to ask if the city was on fire because it looked really orange.  This was funny for the silliness of the statement and almost believable because the sky was so very orange.  However, with the lack of smoke in said sky, it was still a pretty dumb statement.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sky

It’s been a while since I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge that the Daily Post has every Friday.  This week, however, the topic is Sky and since I just happened to take a bunch of photos of the sky before a thunderstorm yesterday, I thought it was appropriate.

Storm clouds rolling in

Dark and ominous clouds

Those clouds rolled in and then there was one hell of  a storm with all kinds of wind, thunder and lightening.  It was a long time coming as we haven’t had a storm in a couple of weeks and it’s been pretty hot.  After it was over, the sky was a really awesome orange colour over the trees near my apartment building.

Sunset after the storm

Weird Items…A Random Collection

Well folks, it’s been quite a while since I posted anything.  Life has been busy with the back injury and then moving and settling in, but I’ve been collecting random pictures here and there of weird things that I see while I’m out and about so I thought I’d share them with you so you can giggle like I did.

First up, a trip to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, where it’s not quite like visiting Willy Wonka’s digs, but it’s still a chocolate store.  I saw this on the shelf and had to snap a photo…right before I bought myself a candy apple and chocolate covered espresso beans!

With nuts indeed!!

It seems if you want your caramel corn with nuts, this package is not for you.  Also, it’s a little confused.

A gem of a find was discovered while the boyfriend and I cruised Spencer’s for some random laughs and awesome finds.  I always love looking at the book section there because there are actually a bunch that, no matter how ridiculous they seem, I would probably enjoy reading very much.  The following is an example of this:

I WANT this book!

That’s right people…Snuggie Sutra.  Now, this may seem hokey to you all, but I think it’s both hysterical and intriguing.  Being as I absolutely adore my Snuggie (thank you, Mom) and bought the boyfriend one for Christmas last year so he would stop stealing mine, I have a vested interest in this book, even just for amusement sake.  The best part?  The tag line at the bottom says, “Erotic Fun in Your Blanket with Sleeves”.

The next isn’t so much weird as it was creepy.  These books look like a ripoff of the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stein, but that’s not what creeped me out.  Look at the face of the kid on the cover.  Remind you of anyone?

It's freaking CHUCKY!

That’s right, that damn creepy doll from the Child’s Play movies was staring back at me with his evil little eyes.  I hate that little bastard, he scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

You know what you don’t ever see enough of?


There are not enough disco turtles in the world.  Wouldn’t it just be such a nicer place if all the turtles wandering around had disco balls on their backs?  Things would be so damn shiny!

And last, but not least (for tonight, anyway…there is so much weird crap in stores these days), I give you…Mustache Pig.

Mustache Pig

Mustache Pig is hip, he’s cool…he wears sunglasses.  Of all the pigs on the shelf, he was the most bad-ass.  He is mustache-a-licious.  The boyfriend named him Steve.  Apparently, people with mustaches are forever to be called Steve by the boyfriend…this now includes pigs with sunglasses.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a small town.  I was always in the same room of the same house on the same street for all the first nineteen years of my life until I moved to the big city.  So really, my hometown and my parents’ house still feels very much like home to me.  I will always look at the place I grew up as home.

The back of the house I grew up in

However, I have now lived in the city for almost 9 years and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else again.  I’m used to the pace and the constant stimulation that you don’t get back in the country and probably will never leave again.  Or at least, not for many years.

A view of the city I live in from the apartment I lived in a few years ago