I Guess Advertising Really Does Work…

I used to be a real movie buff.  I mean, I used to see everything that was in theatres, just to go to the movies.  Once, my friends and I went to see something and there was nothing left at the theatre that we hadn’t seen.  I LOVE movies and didn’t care that it was what I spent most of my money on.

Over the last few years, I realized that I hadn’t been going to see as many movies as I did once.  In face, I see maybe three or four a year instead of five or six a month.  For a while I assumed it was because most movies nowadays weren’t as good as the ones I had watched back when I was a teenager/in my early twenties.  Then I thought perhaps just my tastes had matured and I wasn’t interested in the same things I had been back then.  This is probably a small factor, everyone changes their tastes as they age.

However, in the last little while, I’ve come to the conclusion that it may be a different factor entirely that has something to do with it.

I gave up television three years ago.  I cancelled cable and got myself a subscription to Netflix and I never looked back.  I couldn’t take the fact that it cost almost one hundred dollars a month for what amounted to about 5 channels that I watched regularly. 

I have found that, without being constantly bombarded by commercials and advertisements, I am far less likely to buy crap I don’t need; this includes going to see movies, apparently.  If I’m not constantly subjected to watching the trailers, it seems that I don’t really know or care about their existence.

When I visit my friends’ houses or I’m at my parents, I find myself being drawn back in whenever there’s a trailer for a movie that I didn’t know about.  I get all excited when I see something I hadn’t before and then I want to see it in the theatre. 

So, I have come to the realization that my need to see movies is mainly based on being inundated with advertisements for them on the television.  I still love movies but I’ve become far more picky about them and I only ever see the ones I really want to see instead of almost everything I see a trailer for.

Next up on the list of ones that I’m definitely seeing…A Good Day to Die Hard.  Because how the hell could I ever miss out on seen a Die Hard movie in the theatre?


Awkward Advertising Doesn’t Sell…

I’ve shopped a lot in The Real Canadian Superstore.  I like the sales they have on food, I like their pre-cooked items that I can just grab and take home for dinner and now and then they have good sales on their video games/movies.

However, based on their models/advertisements, I just can’t seem to bring myself to buy their clothes.  The models always look awkward and uncomfortable in the clothing they’re trying to sell and personally, I can’t see myself buying things that would make me feel as such.

jock hipsterIn our first example, we have what I like to call a Jock/Hipster hybrid.  He’s built like a jock and has that facial structure, but his clothes just scream hipster.  What I can’t stand about this outfit is the fact that he is wearing his shoes with no freaking socks.  That has got to chafe the feet.  Also, just in case we didn’t notice the fact that his shoes were sported sans socks, his borderline skinny jeans are rolled up past his ankles so you can’t miss it.  Because let’s face it, when someone wanders about with their jeans rolled just above the ankle and there’s not a flood in sight, you’re going to look at the foot/ankle area because you just have to try and figure out why they’re doing something so damn stupid.


The second example of awkward clothing advertising is a woman who was trying to sell me yoga pants, a tank top,yoga pants in bum and a hoodie.  Sounds nice and easy, right?  They’re all very comfortable items of clothing and I own a few of each already so it should have been a shoe in.  However, I don’t know what was going on with her that day but I couldn’t even begin to fathom why they chose this photo to sell these items.  She’s standing in a pose that clearly says that the underwear (if she’s wearing any) and the yoga pants have decided to travel in an upward direction straight into her bum and she’s got a look on her face that just screams discomfort.  Also, I don’t know what she’s doing with her hoodie but she just looks unhappy altogether with her ensemble.  She is not wearing socks either.  Chaffing, people…it’s not cool.