Random Mustache


So I was walking down the street after work.  Suddenly, a random mustache appeared. Quite.




Can anyone tell me when this started happening? I remember these things from when I was a kid and people were scrapping over them in toy stores. I remember that my cousins had one and when the batteries started to die it sounded like a demon from hell.

Why are these things back? Are we really that much of a lost society that on top of just remaking movies from 20 years ago, now we’re going to just re-release the same damn toys? And the poster says you cab pre-order it…so that means they’re anticipating crazed parents and spoiled rotten children duking I out in the aisles again. Sigh…



Okay, this is Tim. Tim is a lobster and yesterday, I met him before I then dropped him headfirst into a pot of boiling water. Firstly, they don’t scream like some people say they do. Secondly, they were an interesting thing to eat for the first time. Theres a lot of cracking and breaking of shell involved and it freaked me out a lot.

I will say this, Tim turned out to be a girl and I found this out when it was pointes out to me that the read stuff inside was eggs and I should gobble it up because its delicious. I switched to steak at that point…

I (Used To) Totally Hate Dresses

For those of you that don’t know me very well, as anyone who does could attest, I NEVER wear dresses.  I believe up until this summer, I owned one skirt that was black in case of funerals or other potentially slightly more dressy occasions and a (small) variety of somewhat dressy shirts.

So, if you hadn’t guessed from the first paragraph of this post, I really dislike dressing up.  I didn’t like it when I was a little kid and I really didn’t like it as I got older.  I didn’t have the ability to be very graceful in a dress (despite almost 15 years of ballet lessons) nor did I have the desire to learn.  I’m constantly afraid that I will flash someone while wearing an dress or a skirt and have mostly word silky boxer shorts under them if the occasion arose where I did have to wear one.  That way, someone only got a flash of Sponge Bob or Homer Simpson instead of my underwear.

Me jumping up and down on a dress...I disliked them this much

So I have gotten away with purchasing perhaps four dresses in the last nine years of my life, including my prom dress.  This was paid for by my mother and to this day, I have a feeling she offered to do so because she couldn’t stand for me to go to prom in a pair of jeans and a tank top.  On a side note, she was disappointed that my hair wasn’t done in an lovely up do with hanging, curly tendrils like all my friends.  I went with what suited me best and had the stylist do a twisty updo that was sticking out every which way and it was dyed kind of purple-ish to match my dress.

Aside from that dress, I’ve purchased a few for weddings here and there and one for being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding, which was actually quite flattering on me.

That is, until this year.  You may not know it, but where I live in Canada is freaking hot in the summer.  With the humidex (someday, I will meet the man that invented this and kick him in the shins), temperatures have been reaching the mid-forties in degrees Celcius with air that feels like you’re walking through a hot sauna and breathing in water.  It’s HOT here in Southwestern Ontario and it doesn’t ever really seem to be relieving when it rains.  It just creates more moisture for the humidity to play with.  I used to deal with it better, but I hate being hot and I tend to feel like I’m going to fall down on the sidewalk and melt under the sun:

This is me, lying on the sidewalk in the melty Southwestern Ontario sun...

This, coupled with the fact that I’ve been on a new and very effective meal plan and have joined a gym in the last few months, thereby making me smaller in size, have somehow led to something I never thought would happen.

I started wearing dresses on a regular basis.

It started with the Old Navy 75% off summerwear sale.  I couldn’t resist a green summer dress that was originally $35 and marked down to $8.  My reasoning?  It was damn hot out and dresses were cooler.  It looked cute on me due to my recent weight loss and I couldn’t pass it up, so I purchased it.

When I wore it to work the following day, so many people commented on the fact that they’d never seen me wear a dress before that I was incredibly amused.  Since then I have purchased one more summery dress, brought another one out of storage that I wore to a wedding a while ago and fits me better now than it did then and brought yet another dress home from my parents’ house that I wore to a wedding even before I met the boyfriend.

So yes, a person’s preference in clothing types can change, all it takes is extreme weather.

The Duck

A while ago, the boyfriend and I were making our way across the city to babysit my nephew.  At the boyfriend’s request, we pulled into a Timmies to get some coffee and a snack on the way.

I parked Bob the Car and the boyfriend got out as I fiddled around with getting my purse from the back seat, removing the keys from the ignition, etc.  I too eventually removed myself from the car and close the door only to be puzzled by the single word that then exited the boyfriend’s mouth.


In utter bafflement, I looked around, trying to see if something was flying at my head and required carefully timed movement to avoid impact.  Seeing none, I looked at him with a frown on my face to indicate my confusion.

He pointed in the vague direction of the rear end of my vehicle and said, “A duck.”  I then looked about in an effort to see if there was perhaps a painting of a duck on the side of a truck or something, but still I was at a loss for what he was trying to communicate to me.  I moved around the car to his side as he said, “There’s a duck behind your car.”  (something I felt would have saved a great deal of time and confusion had he spoken this entire sentence in the first place).

I looked on the ground behind my car and, lo and behold, there really was a duck just standing there, looking at us.

The random duck

How it was that I had not seen this duck while pulling into the parking lot, I don’t know, but there it was.  It started waddling around and quacking, coming close to us but not too close.  I watched as other patrons, jonesing for their dose of caffeine, pulled in and stared at this sight in awe as well.  Eventually, we went inside, figuring the duck probably came looking for Timbits that people dropped on the ground, and we ordered our delicious treats.

Upon leaving the store, it became clear that this duck really enjoyed standing behind my car.

I had to chase her away and up onto the grassy area so I could leave.  She was not impressed with this action and she quacked at me in great annoyance, strutting around and flapping her wings.  I had to do this twice as she walked behind my car again after the first time.  I chased her further away the second time and then left.

Now when I drive by that particular Timmies, I always look to see if the duck is there.  So far, no second sightings.