Cat Fancy!!


Sometimes you find the most nifty things in the laundry room of an apartment building.

This particular volume shares information on using music to soothe my savage Mr. Peep and comes with a free poster!

I definitely scored big time!

In case anyone didn’t catch it, sarcasm is heavily present in the above…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

This photo represents comfort for me for a few different reasons.  For one thing, it’s comforting to know my kitty Mr. Peep enjoys gaming as much as The Boyfriend and I do (he stole this while I was in the middle of a game of Fallout: New Vegas) and for another thing, he just looks so cozy cuddled right up to the PS3 controller.  As soon as I put it down to go get a drink he jumped up on the couch and snuggled right down on it.  I didn’t have the heart to wake him up so I turned the game off.

DSCF3228  DSCF3229

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

Hey all! I’ve decided to try and keep up with The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge as much as possible.  For one thing, it’ll have me out using my nice camera more and practicing taking pictures and for another thing, it’ll help me with my postaweek2011 challenge as well.  So, in essence, 2 birds 1 stone.

This week’s theme is abundance and I immediately thought of this picture:

The kittens

This actually doesn’t do the situation justice, but this is a shot of the litter of kittens that Mr. Pip Squeak came from.  His mama Gypsy gave birth to 8 wee black kitties in my mother’s garage and they were the most adorable things ever.  They’d run around in a little group and my mother would call it “The Mongrel Parade”.  They all looked mostly the same except for our little guy and my sister’s choice, Maximus, who was fluffy.

Never Accidentally Feed Your Cat the Expensive Kind of Food

I love my cat.  Let’s establish that fact first off.  He’s like our son and he’s incredibly spoiled.  He gets cuddles and treats and we talk to him all the time and the boyfriend even sets aside time every day to play with him because he doesn’t want him to get bored and torment him.

However, I feed Mr. Pip the department store brand cat food because, let’s face it, it’s $3.75 a bag compared to the Whiskas which is about $7.50 for the same sized bag.  This has never been a problem for Mr. Pip in his entire two years of life until just before this past Christmas when I made an awful and horrible mistake.

I reached for the normal food on the shelf and instead, grabbed a bag of Whiskas.  I didn’t notice until I pulled it out of the trunk of the car upon arriving home and this is where the trouble began.

Mr. Pip LOVES Whiskas.  He powered through that freaking bag in half the time it usually took him to go through a normal bag and whenever the dish was empty, he’d walk around and squeak at us until we put more in the dish.  Even in the morning, when he got his usual scoop of canned food, something he used to get all worked up about, he would now just sit and stare at the wet food and then move over to sit in front of the dry food side and squeak.

This went on for about three or so weeks until the Whiskas finally ran out.  We went to Walmart and stood in the cat food aisle and the boyfriend and I had a discussion.  We compared prices of different foods.  We looked at the amounts in the bags and compared it to the cost and everything else imaginable and in the end, I came to the same conclusion as the mindset I had before this fiasco.  I refuse to pay more than twice as much for Whiskas when Mr. Pip was just fine with the food from before.

So we purchased our usual brand of food and headed on home.  We arrived to a very grumpy cat who was sitting beside his dish and glaring at us because there was no Whiskas.  I started thinking that perhaps my cat was addicted and it was good that I was cutting him off before he had to go to rehab.

We put new food in Mr. Pip’s dish and stood there watching as he stared at it for a while.  Then he sniffed it a bit and we thought he might eat it but alas, he sat back and started squeaking at us in protest.

I explained to him about the money thing, but Mr. Pip does not care about finances.  He wanted Whiskas.  I said no and after that, it was a battle of wits.  Every single day since then (it’s been about two and a half weeks), we go through the same routine.  Pip rolls around on the floor looking adorable and squeaking near his food dish.  We feed him and then he sits there, staring at his food before he looks back at us and squeaks again.

The boyfriend has turned it into a fun game for himself and every time Pip does this, he makes a sad face and endorses the begging behaviour.  He looks at me and says, “Peep wants Whiskas.”  I disapprove because this makes me the bad guy.  You try telling this face no every time it squeaks at you:

The face that pleads with me every day

I have to look at that every day and say, “No, you can’t have Whiskas.”  It’s starting to make me feel mean.  I will say, however, that Mr. Pip is eating his regular food again, though he still makes it known that he’s not happy about it.  He’s also excited for his wet food every morning again, so that’s nice.  He’s getting a lot of guilt earned treats though and I’m thinking he’s going to end up being a little bit on the chubby side before to long.

Cats Are Crafty Creatures

As you may have heard in previous posts, I have a young kitty by the name of Mr. Pip, Peep for short.  While he’s usually a very well behaved boy, I have been observing his activities lately and have discovered a pattern.  Peep is very loving with both myself and the boyfriend, but he is most certainly a Daddy’s boy.  He follows the boyfriend everywhere, curls up in his lap while he’s on the computer and is constantly bugging him for more attention.

The thing I’ve noticed lately is the fact that Peep has developed some very creative methods of attaining that desired attention, despite the fact that the boyfriend is usually trying to do something else.  In much the same manner a small child will be bad in order to get attention, Peep has started realizing that if he does something bad, he will get attention from his Daddy, whether negative or positive.

He has constantly been complaining to me that Peep behaves badly when I’m not around but I didn’t really believe it until the other night when I was sitting on the bed, surfing the net, blogging and just generally wasting time when I suddenly heard a great deal of yelling from the office (attached to the bedroom by a little walkway) and saw Peep go shooting past the door in a blur and the boyfriend not far after.  After Pip’s narrow escape and the boyfriend’s return, I questioned the preceding events.  Apparently, it’s our darling kitty’s nightly routine to slowly drive the boyfriend insane.  Usually while I’m already asleep and he’s trying to get some work done on the computer.

I inquired about what devious activities he could possibly get up to in order to drive the boyfriend into such a frenzied state.  The answer made me laugh hysterically.

He really owns his space

Every night, Peep goes through a system of carefully crafted irritations and traps in an effort to secure any attention he possibly can from his daddy.  The beginning of this nightly ritual starts always with the cat jumping up onto the computer desk to stand in front of the monitor, making his desire for attention known.  Sometimes, this will be the only thing he does for a while, simply choosing to lay down between the keyboard and the monitor, twitching his tail while he watches everything that goes on in the room.

At other times, this is just the beginning.  Any object within reach will be batted onto the floor.  Pens and coughdrops are definite targets, but anything light enough to be pushed around by a wee little kitty paw will suffice.  This is the point when Peep will be kindly set on the floor and sternly told to cut it out.  He will then chase all those little objects around the floor until he gets bored; and when Pip gets bored, it’s always a bad thing.  This is when the chair scratching and random pouncing starts.  He’s quite adept at climbing and will appear suddenly, as if from thin air, on the back of the chair, ready to poke and paw at the person seated in said chair.  This is the point where the boyfriend usually gets up and chases Peep away.

However, in the time it sometimes takes him to return, if he goes to get a glass of water or complain to me how bad our

A trap well set

kitty is, he will return to find a trap set upon the chair.   This trap comes in two forms; the obvious and the concealed.  If there was no cover on the chair, you can clearly see the kitty on the chair, his eyes huge and black, his tail twitching and what could be a little grin on his face, daring his humans to approach.

The second method of trap occurs if we have left a towel or blanket over the chair.  Upon returning to the room, an unsuspecting human will find an indiscreet lump under the towel, barely moving and biding it’s time until someone either touches that lump or even more unwittingly, sits down in the chair.  While the claws are not meant for terrible harm, they are meant to make a point.

And even now as I’m writing this post, sitting in the living room and watching a movie, I’m getting bombarded with instant messages about how bad Peep is being and the many naughty things he’s doing upstairs, trying to distract him from programming on his desktop.  The problem with the situation is not that Peep is being bad, it’s the fact that he knows he’ll get the reaction out of the boyfriend.  It’s why he never does the same time with me, because I won’t give him the reaction he wants and therefore reinforce his bad behaviour.  So in conclusion, as my MSN window lights up once more with a message from the boyfriend, begging for assistance, I will ignore it, hoping for the zillionth time that he will learn his lesson.