A Fashionable Battle

I was talking to a co-worker on break today when the subject of clothing came up and I was shocked to discover that her boyfriend is vehemently against wearing blue jeans and sneakers together in an ensemble.

After I picked my jaw up off of the floor I began peppering her with questions about this, such as, “What does he think you SHOULD wear with jeans?” and “What the heck does he wear with sneakers if not jeans?”.  She answered my questions patiently, stating that apparently he thinks you should only wear things like casual dress shoes (loafers and such) with jeans and sneakers should only be worn with athletic-type pants (yoga pants/Adidas workout type pants, etc…).

I still couldn’t fathom this as, outside of work, my entire wardrobe consists of wearing t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.  I can’t imagine never wearing the two together as so many people that I see on a daily basis, in real life and on television, wear sneakers and jeans together.  So I started asking around at work.  I surveyed my co-workers to find out what their thoughts were on the subject.  One person immediately said that she didn’t think you should ever wear jeans with sneakers but most everyone else seemed as confused as I was.

Some people immediately answered that it was, of course, a normal and acceptable fashion trend and others had conditions and questions, as follows:

  • never wear sneakers with skinny jeans – I wholeheartedly agree with this because a) skinny jeans are mostly ridiculous and b) that is a fashion statement best left in the 80’s
  • on the flip side, it was mentioned that, as the sneakers were referred to as “running shoes” in my email, one should never wear jeans when running in sneakers – point taken
  • it was pulled into question as to what constitutes running shoes – most believed that athletic sneakers, Converse, skate shoes, and anything like them were considered applicable
  • a suggestion was made that one should never wear jeans and a jean jacket at the same time – this was immediately identified as a Canadian Tuxedo (I swear…I totally don’t do this…much)
  • Our wonderful IT guy also wanted to know if the shoes were blue – I didn’t have an answer for this but it did make me laugh

In the end, the total ended up being 13 people agreeing that it was normal and acceptable to wear sneakers with blue jeans and 2 people being against the concept entirely.  It was also agreed that it would depend on when/where you were sporting this outfit as to whether it would be okay.

Anyone else want to put in their 2 cents?  Answer below:


The Creepiest Mannequins Ever

Remember back when Old Navy commercials were kind of catchy?  They always had some dancing, some trendy little pop song, some lame theme going on for whatever they were selling.  If it was winter, they were playing in the snow with their Old Navy mittens and scarves, in the summer, they were wearing flip flops that they got at Old Navy for a moderate price.

I didn’t mind those commercials.  I wasn’t on the edge of my seat waiting for a new one to come around, but they weren’t horrible.

Now, however, their commercials are absolutely atrocious.  I HATE them with a passion and can’t stand it when they come on the television.  In case you don’t know what I’m talking about (and if you don’t, you’re damn lucky), I’ll enlighten you.  The following is a photograph of that which is so creepy.

The Old Navy Mannequins

Don’t worry, the photograph itself can’t hurt you.  I’m not completely certain about the ones in the store, though.  I tend to avoid them.  With their happy little smiles and their inane conversations on the commercials, they’re they most shudder inducing mascots I’ve seen for anything.  There’s even a freaking DOG!  What’s with that.  He can’t wear clothes and has no business advertising a human clothing store.

And the dialogue! I can’t stand it…if these are real world problems of people who shop at old navy, then I’m going to have to stop shopping there.  And I love their tank tops so I don’t want to.

Yes, that’s right…she needs new jeans.  While they’re nice jeans, buying them is not a horrible, life changing event that would cause her grinning idiot of a plastic boyfriend to spaz out.  I could see that reaction if she’d dropped the bomb that she was going to have his grinning, idiot plastic baby, but not because she was going to buy new jeans.  I just don’t get it.  I want the days of the trendy pop songs about sweaters back.