The Ugliest Desk in the World

Shockingly to some of the people who’ve known me for years, I like to scrapbook.  It’s probably about the girliest thing that I do (actually probably the only girly thing that I do).  Up until now, all of my supplies have been contained in large Rubbermaid bins in the basement and I had to drag them up and haul them to my friend’s house every time she had a scrapbooking night.

Just after Christmas, the boyfriend made the mistake of telling me that I could keep it all on the main floor of the house so it would be easier for me and I wouldn’t have to drag it up and down the scary basement stairs.

He regretted his statement, however, when I started hauling all the scrapbooking supplied up the stairs, him having been unaware of how much I actually had.  I piled it all in the corner behind the chair in the living room and he stared at it for a while before he told me to take it back downstairs.  I refused and told him he’d already told me I could have it upstairs and I wasn’t taking it back down.

My scrapbooking supplies, piled (somewhat) neatly in the corner

A compromise was reached, however, when I phoned my mother and asked if she still had one of the old desks my sister and I used in high school and if I could have it.  She did and said I could have it.  The problem was, however, that my sister’s desk was the only one left at the house, mine having been sold in a yard sale.  Hers couldn’t be sold because she’d written all over it with a Sharpie years ago and it was looking a little worse for the wear:

An old sticker and some Sharpie decoration

When my parents dropped the desk off, one of the wheels was broken and the boyfriend simply stared at it and said, “That is the ugliest desk in the world.”  He then sighed and went upstairs, certain it would sit on the front porch until I decided to put it on the curb and it all would have been a waste of time.  Little did he know, I had a secret weapon.

My friend, Martha Stacey, offered to help me with refinishing the desk, as she has a blog that is all about home projects and scrapbooking (and various other things as well).  She went with me to Home Depot and helped me pick out the necessary primer, asked about what paint we could use after priming and also looked up how to do the project.  If I had been left to my own devices, I concede that the desk would have sat on the porch until I decided to get rid of it and never would have been finished.  However, because Martha Stacey was relying on me for another blog post project, I dutifully purchased all new wheels, got the paint in a nice neutral grey colour, got the primer and all the painting supplies and we managed to get the desk into a it’s new and beautiful state in two weeks.  We used one evening to prime the whole thing and I did a couple more coats over the Sharpie over the next week, and then she came over again and we painted it.  When it was finished, I put the new wheels on, put the door handles and little arms back on and it was finished.  I then spent an evening organizing all my scrapbooking supplies from the pile in the corner into the desk so it was nice and neat.  As Martha Stacey can attest, this was no small feat, as I HATE organizing anything.

Mr. Pip decided he fit perfectly between the 12x12 paper and the cardstock

The desk is now in the far living room near the DVD shelves and holds everything perfectly.  I did, however, manage to convince Mr. Pip that he was not supposed to be there.