The Dreaded Missing Piece…


Just finished a puzzle with my niece an its driving me crazy that there’s only one missing piece…damn that piece.


A Trivial Pursuit Game I Could Really Get Into…

I was at my local Chapters last Halloween and they had a huge display of various themed books and games in the middle aisle.  I was browsing around and being a big fan of the holiday, I was drawn to the display.  The following is probably one of the most awesome themed Trivial Pursuit game I have ever seen.

2011-10-18 18.47.03

Now, I’m a Tim Burton fan in general.  I’ve loved the man’s work since I was a tiny, wee child and saw the epic hotness that was Batman.  The twisted and dark essence of his movies were always some of the most fascinating and spellbinding works of cinema I could ever drink in and honestly, not much has changed since those times.

The Nightmare Before Christmas was my favourite movie that Tim Burton was ever affiliated with.  I LOVE Halloween and Christmas if obviously awesome so inherently, the combination of the two was absolute genius.  That is why, when I saw this game, I pretty much squealed with joy and just had to capture the moment.  I love to play Trivial Pursuit and this would be SUCH a guilty pleasure to play.

Sadly, however, I had no money on me at the time of this wonderful find and it was no longer in the store when I went back.  So to anyone reading this who feels the need to bestow a gift upon me, this is an appropriate item.  Granted, I’ll have to find some people who would play it with me…

Video Game ADD

As anyone who has read previous posts can attest, I love to play video games.  I started when I was a wee tot on my parents’ Atari and I never looked back.

When I was little, I lived in a really small town and didn’t have access to a whole plethora of new games to play.  I mostly stuck with the same few that I always had and played them over and over again.  On the NES, I constantly played Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 and Double Dragon.  When our faithful NES finally died, sputtering and coughing it’s way into the grave, we begged our mother for an N64.  Yes, our NES lasted all the way through the Super Nintendo era completely.

We got a 64 for Christmas that year and after that, it was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, 007: Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

Nowadays, however, I seem to have a problem with consistency in gaming.  I bought myself a PS3 almost three years ago and The Boyfriend and I have developed a very nice collection of AAA titles for it.  My problem is, I seem to start one game and play it for a while before I pick up something else and my brain automatically goes, “Oooh, new shiny object,” and puts that game in the machine.  At any given time, I’ll have up to three or four games on the go and sometimes I won’t finish one until a year or more after I started it because I played bits and pieces of so many games in between.

I have a few explanations for some circumstances of this.  I’ve come across bosses or puzzles that enraged me so much when trying to beat/solve them that I rage quit the game and didn’t go back to it for months.  Sometimes I’ll be playing one game but really just biding time until one that I really want to play comes out for sale.  When that awaited title hits the shelves, the current game gets put on the back burner for the one I really wanted to play.  Dragon Age II was one of these games.  I desperately waited for this game to come out and bought it on launch day because the first one was so damn good.

I believe the only game I’ve played from beginning to end (without interruption) in recent years, was Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.  This was a game the grabbed my complete and utter attention from beginning to end and I even played it through a second time.  It’s successor, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, would have done the same thing but I accidentally though I had deleted my save file when I was 3/4 of the way through the game and I was so pissed off, I didn’t play it again for months.  (Worry not folks, I hadn’t deleted it and I picked up right where I left off).

Since then, I haven’t played an entire game all the way through without stopping and playing another one for a while.  Currently, I have Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, Red Dead Redemption, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on the go.  Oh, and much to my roommate’s chagrin, Dead Space.  But, since he keeps berating me for not finishing it, I’m planning on not doing so just out of spite.  Because sometimes, that’s how I roll.

There’s nothing in any of these games that makes me not want to finish them before starting another one, I just constantly find myself starting up something else for a while before I go back and play a little more of one that I started previously.

Does anyone else do this or do I have some kind of concentration problem when it comes to current video games?

Weird Things Seen In Stores: All Video Game Edition

I’m always on the lookout when wandering around in stores for things that seem odd or funny to me.  I can’t help but snap a picture for later amusement and sharing with my friends.  Lately, I’ve spotted a few different things that seemed quirky or odd to me, all in relation to video games.

Wii Baby

I was shopping at Costco, one of my favourite stores to wander around aimlessly in.  I never miss the section with all the books and video games because they’re always at least five bucks cheaper than anywhere else.  I was in the gaming section when I frowned, seeing a stuffed doll and thinking it was out of place.  I was wrong.  This is an interactive baby that’s also a video game.  Yes folks, that’s right.  As far as I can tell, you shove a Wii-mote up inside the baby and it becomes a video game.  Not only does that sound like something that really didn’t need to be made into a video game, but also the concept of putting the Wii-mote into the baby to make it a video game controller just isn’t right.

Bioshock 2: New vs. Used

I’ve been curious about Bioshock for a long time, but was never able to play it until recently when we got an HD television.  I tried on the boyfriend’s PC once and almost threw up because of the first person perspective.  We were checking out EB games one day and as always, I checked the prices on the used PS3 games.  Bioshock 2 used was priced as $17.99.  On a whim, I checked to see what it was priced as new.  I stared dumbfounded at the price sticker on the new copy that told me it was only $9.99.  I picked them both up and looked at them in shock and then smiled happily to myself as I put the used one back and purchased a brand new copy for myself.  I sincerely hope it was a pricing error and I got to stick it to EB games that day because the prices on their used games generally suck.

Mary-Kate and Ashley's Sweet 16

I remember when these two were on Full House and they were funny and cute and we all learned good moral, family values every Sunday night.  I also remember when I stopped caring about them.  This was in the used PS2 game section at EB and honestly, it kind of ticked me off.  for one thing, the price is $14.99.  Who the hell is going to pay $14.99 for a game about a sweet 16 birthday party…even if it does have Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in it?  The part that really irked me, however, was written near the bottom right  of the cover.  It says, and I quote, “Real Games for Real Girls”.  Really?  Last time I checked, I was a girl.  I can’t really see myself playing this and haven’t really missed its presence on my shelf beside games like Call of Duty: Black Ops or Resident Evil 5…both of which are MY games.  I get that there are girls that would enjoy this game, to each her own.  I have no problems with that.  What I have a problem is them making it seem like girls have been sitting around forever, waiting for a game to come along that was all about girly pink birthday parties and turning sweet 16.  Finally the day has come.  It’s almost as bad as the stupid Wii Baby.

Dirty Dancing for PC

I loved Dirty Dancing when I was a kid.  I still love it.  It’s one of my favourite movies of all time.  But I can’t understand who would think it would ever make a good video game.  The concept of the movie lends nothing to a video game whatsoever.  In fact, as far as I could tell from reading the back of the case, the premise of the game was that you were staying at the resort in the movie and all you do is play little mini games.  It is like a million other pieces of shovelware out there and they decided to slap a classic movie title on it, hoping to sell more copies.

Scott Pilgrim at Starbucks

I actually saw this one last fall and it isn’t something I found weird.  I found it to be totally awesome.  I know that the Scott Pilgrim thing is actually a comic book and a movie as well, but it counts as a video game because I own the video game and freaking love it.  It’s also awesome, because I love Pumpkin Spice Latte and was thrilled to see its return with the approaching Thanksgiving/Halloween season.  Whomever drew this rules as a Barrista, a nerd and a human being in general.  My hat off to them.

An Odd Victory

A disclaimer for those of you about to read this story.  If you are in a workplace, probably it’s best if you don’t read it here.  It’s not really that bad, but still, just in case.  I’m marking this as NSFW (not suitable for work).  You have been warned!!

Today was kind of an odd day.  First of all, I like my Sundays to consist of me sitting on the armchair in the living room, watching movies all day, snacking and not leaving the house for anything.  Those Sundays are my very favourite ones and I relish them when they come along.

Sadly, today was not one of those days.  I had to get up, shower, get dressed, do the makeup thing and then head out to pick up a friend and then drive to our hometown for a bridal shower for a friend we went to grade/high school with.   Just so you have a background on my experience with these sorts of things, this was possibly only the fourth wedding/bridal shower that I’ve ever been to in my entire life.  It was at the house of someone I didn’t know (worked with the mother of the bride) and there were a lot of people there that I didn’t know.  There were, however, many of my friends that I went to high school with, some of which I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was awesome.

In case you weren’t aware, generally at these types of things, there are girly kinds of games that everyone participates in and the winner gets prizes.  This shower was no exception.  The first game involved someone reading a list of typical things contained in a woman’s purse and the person who had the most matches won.  Me being me, I didn’t have very many.  I have a huge purse and there are lots of things in it, but they’re weird.  Instead of lipstick, bandaids, and a lint roller, I have a box of Wonka Nerds, a giant notebook filled with random writing ideas and three or four packs of batteries for my camera, just in case.  So no, this was not my shower game victory for the day.

The second game of the day was one where you had fifteen seconds to reach into a bag and feel around, trying to think of as many things as you could feel and write them all down.  Again, whomever had the most won the prize.  I didn’t win this game either.  I knew what many of the objects were when I felt them, but after my fifteen seconds were up, I pretty much forgot everything I’d touched.

So at this point, I had resigned myself to being neither girly enough nor having a good enough memory span to win a prize.  However, when the next game was announced, I thought I would perhaps have a shot.  This is where it gets a little risque, folks.  It seemed a little odd to go from the mundane and generic first two games to this final one, but I took it in stride and was determined to win a prize.

What was this game, you ask?  What kind of activity could it be to get such a confused response from my fellow shower guests and myself?  We were asked to make a penis.  Yes, that’s right.  We were all handed an unformed lump of PlayDoh and told to make the most realistic penis we could manage, the best one being judged by the maid of honour and the woman running the games.  If the makers of PlayDoh only knew what their product was being used for, I wonder what they would say.

And so, I immediately set to work on mine, crafting it to perfection and putting it on the little card with my name on it, hoping for a win.  There was much deliberation and eventually, it was down to two, mine and someone else’s creation.  The mother of the bride was called over to make the final decision and, lo and behold, I WON!!  Yes, that’s right, mine was the best PlayDoh Penis out of all of them.  I had never felt such pride and accomplishment (at a wedding shower, that is).  I did a little mental jig of celebration and then chose a nice little orange  Pashmina-style scarf as my prize.

A visual representation of my mental victory jig

Below you can see all the competition and the triumphant winner.  An odd victory, but a victory nonetheless!

All the final game contestant pieces (mine is circled near the bottom)