Elevator Music is So Freaking Bad

I don’t mean bad where some folks mean good and have a tenuous grasp on the English language.  I mean bad as in I would rather hear nothing than the simulated, watered-down version of music that is elevator music.  My firm recently moved to a high-rise down towm and the halls outside the elevators are filled with jazzy versions of already bad songs.  Today’s atrocity?  All I Have to Give by *Nsync.  Yes…instumental *Nsync to say goodbye to me at the end of a long workday.  FML.


Little Things That Made My Day…

I had a damn good day today.  I got a new cell phone and it ended up only costing me ten bucks after the fifty dollar mail in rebate and the special waived activation fee.  I won $12 dollars on some scratch tickets and $115 bucks when I went with my mom, aunt and grandma to the local casino for a couple of hours.  I even went out for lunch with some people from work and our very awesome boss picked up the tab, because he’s cool like that.

All this was great and made for a lovely day, but the following picture, sent to me by my awesome coworker who knows me so well, made me laugh for a good fifteen minutes with intermittent giggling throughout the rest of the day.  It was so great, and so appropriate to me, that I had to share it with all of you.  Please enjoy this gift I received and I hope it brightens your day also:

I LOVE the Harry Potter books and this was just too perfect.

And just as a side note: that was not a faux pas.  It was awesome wrapped up in totally wicked kick-assness.  Thanks again Stacey for the laughs.  You were right, it was great.